Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

It is that time of year again where every business grinds to a halt for the 2 weeks that overlap Christmas and New Years. You will notice that there haven't been many releases lately and that is somewhat due to this entrance into the holiday season.

What's next:
As for the New Year and future plans, it is pretty unclear at this point. We have two releases of software now with both gDial Pro and Visual Voicemail that we would like to continue to polish over the coming months. One of the things we have started to hear around the blogosphere is that Google is preparing to finalize the launch of Google Voice for consumers soon in the New Year. What this means for our software will depend on what their "release" consists of. My hope is that with a release they also put out an official API for Google Voice which will allow for us to improve the experience for our users on webOS as we will be able to focus more on features instead of adaptations to changes within the unofficial API's.

What else:
We also get a lot of questions as to what else we are working on. While we do have some ideas, we are looking towards our users and fans to give us suggestions on not only what features they would like to see in our current software, but what they want in new software that is not being taken care of by other developers already in the App Catalog. So please let us know.

Everyone likes to make predictions for the new year and we are no different. So here are my thoughts on where things are heading in tech:

  • Apple tablet: You can bet on it being released at some point in 2010. The costs on tablets is finally getting into the area where a high quality, functional tablet is possible.
  • Google takes over the world: If you are using our software, then you are already using them for phone service. Not internet, but phone, who would have thought. Get ready for them to move into more areas. They have already said they will make Google Docs as good as MS Office and I would expect them to enter even more areas of your life aka (Chrome OS and Android).
  • webOS: Well, this is the biggest fog out there for me. 2010 will either define their rebirth or signify their end. Ares is a nice start to being revolutionary, but will developers take to it or will it lead to App Catalog spam of low quality apps? The tech guys at Palm that I have met are a great group with a vision that makes sense, but will the business people allow them to execute that vision and can they do it fast enough to stay relevant in the increasing Android tidal wave?
I have more questions than answers in regards to webOS. A lot of people are predicting a new shiny webOS device, but I actually think that all we will see is releases of the same phones on new carriers. Given the investment in the design of both the Pixi and the Pre, that makes the most sense for them to leverage the design and get it to more end users. This is of course good for Palm, but not really exciting for tech heads.

What do you think is the most exciting upcoming tech product/service?

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