Saturday, November 28, 2009

Status of gDial Pro on App Catalog

I hadn't looked at the ratings in the app catalog for awhile because I knew they would be bad with the broken version of gDial Pro that is in there. Well, against my better judgement, I went and looked at the reviews and they are bad :(

In case anyone using gDial Pro from the app catalog sees this post, let me provide an explanation of the problem.

Sometime around November 17th or 18th:
Google changed their API on Google Voice. I was notified of the change through my own use of the app breaking as well as users on the PreCentral forums.

November 18th:
Submitted a fixed version of the app to Palm for update with a notice to my account rep that it was urgent and that the version in the App Catalog was essentially broken.

Since November 18th - November 28th:
Waiting on app approval at Palm. Again the app is already fixed, but that update is held up somewhere in the approval queue at Palm and everyone else is suffering due to this.

It is tough as a software developer to keep a program updated when you are using an undocumented API from Google who moves "quick" and I am stuck with a software approval queue that moves "slow". The fix was completed in a matter of hours, but the approval is taking weeks.

Sorry everyone, but once you see the update notification from Palm, you can be assured that web dial works again in the software. Until Google releases an API to Google Voice, we will likely have more speed bumps like this where they make a change and I have to adapt to it and re-release. If we could get a faster approval process, then most people would probably not even notice the problem, but that is on Palm.


  1. you do know YOU can post a review that says that.
    and update it each day to keep it at the top of the review list.

  2. Rick, I didn't know that actually. I will go in and do that to at least help stem the tide of bad reviews.

  3. I have used the homebrew version since day one, so im always up to date