Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whew back from Sprint Dev

Let me just say that the Sprint Developer Conference was great. There are a ton of good people developing apps for webOS and the guys from Palm are okay too :)

If you have read my previous post Get out of my fast lane you will know that I laid out 3 steps that Palm can do quickly to empower its developers to create even better apps. I was happy to find out at the conference that they do intend to do all 3 of these items and in fact they have already started following through on them. I believe they know they need to move quickly in order to compete with Apple and Android. Only the future will tell how it plays out, but the OS is still my favorite even when looking at Android 1.6 and iPhone 3.1. Now Android 2.0 might change my opinion when it brings a lot of the unique "Synergy" features that currently only webOS offers.

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